Wednesday, August 12, 2009

random things

I had given a lot of thought on what to write as the first post. And I do have a lot of ideas. Really... But either they are not good enough, important enough, or equally good, that I didnt know what to pick :( Then deciding to keep in sync with the blog title, I am just gonna write whats on my mind right now.

Sometimes they are things in our lives that you just cant get rid of. You dont want it, but they keep coming back. You can passively ignore them, actively fight them and after you are exhausted, just pray. But its still there. And then starts the internal struggle. Do we really have so little control of our lives? Do we not have the right to decide what we want to keep and what not? Esp for a person like me who has always decided how I want to live my life. After finally seeing the inevitable truth that it a fixture in your lives, you have to learn to live it. and it makes you wonder what fate has in store for you. Is it all for your good? or do I always have to be cautious?

As i write about this I am reminded of a telugu movie called 'Yamadonga' in which the protogonist has a necklace since his childhood. He keeps disposing it and every chance he gets, but it somehow finds its way back to him. It was an ok movie, but i enjoyed it very much since I was a huge fan of the hero. I say 'was' cause i changed preferences recently. Suprisingly lot of people were very happy to hear that. :(

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