Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hare and Tortoise

I am sure everyone heard about the hare and tortoise fable. Recently my husband told me the extension of the fable someone made up. I'll start from the beginning:

Once upon a time A hare and a tortoise decide to have a race. The hare being a fast runner got a good lead. But being overconfident on its abilities, decided to catch a nap since there is a lot time anyways. But it overslept and when it woke raced to the finish line, found that the tortoise has reached it already.

moral: Slow and steady win the race

The next day they decide to have the race again. This time the hare learnt its lesson and raced to the finish line, winning the race.

moral: fast and steady is better

They decide to race again the next day, but this time the tortoise chose the track. The hare as usual sped away, but came to a halt when it encountered a stream on the course. The tortoise came slowly, swam across the stream and won!

moral: If you cannot win, change the playing field to your advantage

They decide to race again the next day, but together this time. So for the first part the hare carried the the tortoise and ran to the stream. Then the tortoise carried the hare and swam across. They both reached the finish line in record time.

moral: Teamwork is the best option!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

chicken biriyani

A couple of months back I finally overcome my distaste on handling meat and started cooking chicken. After experimenting on all my favourite chicken recipes, I thought its time to try the king of chicken dishes- "The Chicken Biriyani". Literally a dish for the kings, chicken biriyani was invented in the kitchens of the mughal and the nawab kings. No wonder its made of the richest of the spices and when made just right, it appeals to all the senses. Having never missed out the chance to dine on a good biriyani on every visit to Hyderabad, I took this attempt quite seriously. I pored over several online recipes and made my own changes/additions to what i thought would work. Well, here is the result.

Suffice it to say everyone ate nothing else for a couple of days!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

House no.1

House hunting... whew... Anyone who has any experience house hunting in bay area CA would know how stressful it can be. Endless hours of going around and weighing pros and cons of every house you saw. I dont how the market in other parts of the country, but in bay area it is very aggressive and and always been that way.Above is the house we put in our first offer ever last week (makes us feel all adult and grown up signing all those papers!), and sadly came to know we lost it today :( So there goes all the dreams I have built over the weekend of painting and furnishing it. I call it house no.1 cause god knows how many offers we have to put it before we finally get our dream house.
So house hunting here we come again...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

random things

I had given a lot of thought on what to write as the first post. And I do have a lot of ideas. Really... But either they are not good enough, important enough, or equally good, that I didnt know what to pick :( Then deciding to keep in sync with the blog title, I am just gonna write whats on my mind right now.

Sometimes they are things in our lives that you just cant get rid of. You dont want it, but they keep coming back. You can passively ignore them, actively fight them and after you are exhausted, just pray. But its still there. And then starts the internal struggle. Do we really have so little control of our lives? Do we not have the right to decide what we want to keep and what not? Esp for a person like me who has always decided how I want to live my life. After finally seeing the inevitable truth that it a fixture in your lives, you have to learn to live it. and it makes you wonder what fate has in store for you. Is it all for your good? or do I always have to be cautious?

As i write about this I am reminded of a telugu movie called 'Yamadonga' in which the protogonist has a necklace since his childhood. He keeps disposing it and every chance he gets, but it somehow finds its way back to him. It was an ok movie, but i enjoyed it very much since I was a huge fan of the hero. I say 'was' cause i changed preferences recently. Suprisingly lot of people were very happy to hear that. :(